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kgsocc ... 3/23/2011
2010 Honda Civic LX 4Cyl1.8L - Transmissions & Drivetrains
When I am driving my car the RPM's will stay on 4000 and not come down even when I take my foot off the Accelerator?
Can anybody please tell me why it does this? I have had the guys at honda look at it and they can not find out what is going on and it is less than 20,000 miles old and there are no warning lights on
3 Answers
  • Shane350zzz
    Shane350zzz 2/8/2014
    Sounds like you needs to replace the TPS (throttle position sensor)
  • John's Auto Repair
    John's Auto Repair 2/13/2014
    A vacuum leak or bad Idle Air Control Motor can cause this. Check for any engine codes, first.
  • Bill
    Bill 2/13/2014
    Check throttle body intake to air filter housing (Mass Air Flow Sensor) outtake hose for cracks or splits.

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