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outlaw377 9/27/2010
1989 Mazda B2200 Base 4Cyl2.2L - Engine
does anyone know what all distributors will interchange with my 2.2?PLEASE HELP?
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  • Pave Low
    Pave Low 9/27/2010
    Why would you do that and give your self a hard time? Just buy direct fit.

    Part Number: A131882
    Pave Low
    outlaw377 9/28/2010
    200.00 new vr 50.00 or 60.00 used? just to see if that is the problem? remember, there is no return on electrical parts!
  • Pave Low
    Pave Low 9/29/2010
    Autopartswarehouse has returns on electrical parts, but i was under the impression that tyou already know the problem, anyway what happebned to your tuck?

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