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HABEEB ... 4/12/2010
2000 Chevrolet Blazer LS 6Cyl4.3L - Preventive Maintenance
the compresor works and stop alone?what is the problem
the compresor does not works properly, it needs me to press the acceclator race more and more then it start cooling but after 2 - 5 minuts it stop working- the I have to press the accelerator again ?
the wether degree is about 30-35
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  • kevin
    kevin 4/13/2010
    have referigant checked maybe low 134a
    HABEEB HASSAN 11/30/2010
    thanks allot Mr. Kevin
    Ifound that the magnetic clutch is the couse of the problem, it is now working properly after replacing the old one, frankly I put used one .

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