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Enos 6/16/2010
1986 BMW 325es Base 6Cyl2.7L - Engine
Cold start (rpm low)
When I turn on my car in cold, revolutions down to the point that it shuts down the engine. But hot does not occur.
my question is what are the parts I need? or where is the problem.
Sincerely, enos
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 6/16/2010
    Enos we nee a little more information and clarity to help figure out this problem. So you are saying when the car is cold so say in the morning you start the car and then it will not stay running. Does it eventually stay running? do you have to hold your foot on the gas or anything to keep it running.? And when you say that it does not occur when hot does that mean that when you have got it runnning that you then shut it down and start it back up again and it is fine?

    Or are you talking about the actually weather temperature. when it is cold outside it will not start but when it is hot outside it does? and if so what temperature difference are we talking about? like when it is snowing and freezing outside will not start but in the summer it will start?

    also how many miles on the car? when was the last time any work was done to the vehicle? do you know when the last ignition tune-up was?
  • Miles Yallop
    Miles Yallop 11/8/2010
    I hear a bubbling soud from a cannister-like unit to the right front engine. After about two minutes the idle changes (increases) to normal. Usually i have to staryt the vehicle trwice.

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