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happynan 6/30/2011
2007 Ford E-450 Super Duty Base 10Cyl6.8L - Engine
I had two coils go bad and the engine light never lit up is this normal?
Two coils gone, two cylinders down and engine light never came on. Took to a Ford dealer and had the coils replaced, they told me they had reprogramed the computer and it should be fine. But apparently it's not because now I have another coil gone and the engine light did not come on- any suggestions?
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  • TechSam
    TechSam 11/20/2011
    When you turn the key to on position, does the engine light comes on along with all the other lights in the dash? I am thinking the engine light bulb is burnt out or removed. The enigine light should have come on with bad coils or all engine menagement problems.

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