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rrram 10/15/2011
2009 Pontiac G3 Base 4Cyl1.6L - Engine
Car won't start. No click, no lights, no nothing. What is the problem? I only have 4000 miles on this thing.
Unless I manipulate the shift lock, I am not able to shift out of park. Tried to jump, but it's obviously not the battery if I'm not even get dash lights.
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  • Bill
    Bill 10/15/2011
    How about your 3yr 36,000 warranty?
    rrram 10/15/2011
    Yeah, I was just hoping it was something simple - not requiring a tow to a dealership.
    Bill 10/24/2011
    Just don't void your warranty and let the professionals do there job, Towing should be included with the warranty.

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