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Octavio Vasquez
Octavi ... 4/26/2010
1995 Eagle Talon ESi 4Cyl2.0L - Transmissions & Drivetrains
car start but wont advance (manual transmission)
2 Answers
  • RC
    RC 4/26/2010
    Need more information. Could be the clutch
    Octavio Vasquez 4/26/2010
    I had some smoke coming out of the plastic sleeve from the clutch, the car changed gears pretty smooth and all of a sudden the car just stop advancing, again the car starts with no issues but no gears respond not even reverse
  • Mandito1
    Mandito1 7/8/2012
    I'm having the same problem I can put clutch down and shift all gears but only the rpm revs up, car won't move

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