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chefrob67 10/7/2012
2009 Chevrolet Malibu LS 6Cyl3.5L - Engine
My car ran great two days ago, the battery is now dead
2009 chevy malibu ls v6
23000 mi
the radio and all the other electrical work at first then slowly die, this battery is 1 month old
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  • CVO
    CVO 10/7/2012
    First, check the battery and starter cables for their tightness or free of corrosion and physical damaged.

    A 3/4 charge battery is 12.50 volts
    A discharge battery is 11.75 volts.
    A battery under a cranking load and it is reading less than 7 volts,it will be a recycled ( junk ) battery.

    The alternator output must deliver a good voltage between 13.5 to 14.5 volts in order to charge the battery.

    Local auto parts stores will test this vehicle charging system for free of charge.

    Note: in the event, if the vehicle succeed to all the requirements above, see this link How to Stop Car Battery Drains: DIY Auto

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