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albert fox
albert fox 12/17/2010
2009 Pontiac G3 Base 4Cyl1.6L - Body & Interior
Bought side mirror replacemrnt from you need instrutions to install
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  • yboy82
    yboy82 12/19/2010
    Side Mirror Removal

    •Remove the side mirror trim. Then remove the side mirror trim cover screw.

    •You will see a set of screw securing the mirror toggle control lever to the trim cover, remove it. Remove the trim cover and rubber gasket.

    Use a small hex key tool to loosen the set screw which holds the toggle control, if equipped with remote mirror.

    Disconnect the wire harness at the connector in the door, and then pull the harness through the door, if it is equipped with power windows.

    •With the use of Torx head bit remove the 3 side view mirror retaining screws then pull the side mirror assembly out of the door.

  • yboy82
    yboy82 12/19/2010
    Side Mirror Installation

    •Install the new side mirror using the reverse procedure of removal

    If you want to have more idea on how to replace a side mirror you can also visit this link

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