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joeybigboy 3/26/2010
2001 Chrysler Town & Country LX 6Cyl3.3L - Body & Interior
my airbag light is on all time and horn doesnt work what could be the problem?
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  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 3/26/2010
    Needs a clockspring. That is a device under the steering wheel that allows the controls on the wheel to work while the steering wheel is moving.
    Jim 9/5/2011
    my 2000 caravan had same thing, has recall, check dealer if yours does. clocksring had been replaced under recall, take apart to replace clockspring and connector had came unplugged, tab on connector was broken, has tilt steering and operating up and down over time made connector come out, plugged back in and silicone to stay and been ok since

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