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Charlie 3/19/2010
2000 Ford Explorer Sport 6Cyl4.0L - Transmissions & Drivetrains
accelerator pedal hard to press down
when it sits for a few minutes the accelerator pedal is difficult to to press wonder if
it is linkage or cable or maybe the idle switch?
3 Answers
  • Chris2000
    Chris2000 3/19/2010
    could be the throttle cable binding, or the pedal itself binding try spraying the pedal joints with white grease. And check the throttle cable under the hood and see if it is binding.
  • Charlie
    Charlie 3/21/2010
    thanks Chris I did try that today will see tomorrow to see if it works
  • Pierre R.A. Simon
    what about the accelerator sensor
    Pierre R.A. Simon
    Charlie 11/26/2010
    I found the problem thanks for the response though it was the throttle plate in the throttle
    body sticking which has an adjustment thanks

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