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jayzoo1009 3/17/2010
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 6Cyl3.8L - Preventive Maintenance
My A/C Heater Blower Is Leaking Water On The Passenger Side On The Carpet? Why?
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  • 92bimmer
    92bimmer 3/17/2010
    check to see if it smells like radiator coolant, also feels slimey. If it does then your heater core is bad and needs to be replaced.
    this is something you will need to have someone check asap. This is usually the case when have a wet carpet on the passenger side.
  • john
    john 3/18/2010
    heater core needs replaced or bypassed . but will have to pull dash out of car to replace
    tim 12/13/2011
    can you give me step by step on what has to be removed to get to the heater core?

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