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ibmalor 10/14/2012
1998 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4Cyl2.4L - Engine
98' grand am blows black smoke out exhaust runs terrible at idle but once up to hwy speed runs good.
I have replaced several parts and have not been able to fix the problem and there are no engine codes showing up.
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  • rick
    rick 10/14/2012
    OK . So tell us what you replaced . Black smoke and running like crap at an idle is a sign of over fueling . ( getting to much gas )
    ibmalor 10/15/2012
    It has been down for a while but if memory serves me right replaced the electronic ignition coil pack. It is a duel over head cam. Gave it complete tune up. There are no engine lights on at all.
  • rick
    rick 10/15/2012
    Now with you saying it's been sitting look at it this way . Gas now a days only stays good for about 2 weeks . After that it loses it's burnabilaty . Try running low on gas than fill it with SUPER UNLEADED and see if it clears up . The hardest thing on a car is letting it just sit . Weird vodo things happen when they sit for long times .
    ibmalor 10/16/2012
    I will try this but the problem was happening when the gas was good. I will address any additional problems here thanks

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