The Economy is Driving More Car Owners to Do Their Own Auto Repairs, according to AutoMD's "2010 DIY Report"

Nearly 40% Doing More DIY than in 2008; 1 in 3 Report Saving over $1000 a Year; 84% of Those Who Usually Head to the Shop Likely to Attempt Repairs with More How-To Guides/Information

Carson, CA – October 14, 2010 – The lingering economic downturn is driving DIYers to do even more of their own auto repairs than in 2008 - and they report they’re saving big dollars - according to the “2010 DIY Report” from (, the most comprehensive and unbiased free online auto repair resource. One in three self-reported DIYers are now saving over $1000 a year by performing their own repairs, according to the report, and even those who have rarely, if ever, attempted to climb under the hood say they are open to doing so with better information at their fingertips.

The AutoMD report is based on an online survey conducted among over 2,800 car owners in September 2010, and offers a snapshot of where car owners - both DIYers and DFMers (the do-it-for-me’s) - stand in the current economy when it comes to doing their own vehicle repairs. The findings shed light on what’s motivating the DIY surge, what kind of repairs are being tackled, and what could be holding DFMers back from jumping in and DIYers from attempting more complex repair jobs.

DIYers Report Doing it to Save Money- and They are Saving Thousands

Seventy-seven percent of confirmed DIYers cited “saving money” as the top reason for performing their own car repairs, with 97% confirming that doing their own repairs is saving them money. One in three DIYers claim savings of over $1000 yearly; nearly 70% save $500-plus; while nearly nine in ten (87%) are pocketing $300-plus – translating into tens of thousands of dollars over a car-owning lifetime.

Save Money on DIY Repairs Chart

More are DIYing it than Two Years Ago, but Most Repairs are Basic

Over a third of DIYers are doing more auto repairs than two years ago (prior to the severe recession kicking in), with over half of those saying they are doing “significantly more.” Of those DIYers doing more of their own auto repairs, the majority cited “the bad economy” and “holding onto my vehicle longer.”

Two-thirds of DIYers say they perform both basic and complex repairs. The most often performed repairs were basic - with battery, air filter, windshield wiper blade, headlamp bulb, antifreeze, oil filter, spark plug and oil replacements/change performed by over 90% of DIYers.

Which of these jobs do you do yourself Bar Graph

Car Owners Will Do More Repairs with More Information

The survey clearly indicates that access to more how-to information would prove an empowering game-changer for car owners. Forty-four percent of those who classify themselves as traditional DFMers report that easy access to detailed how-to guides would definitely make them open to trying some basic repairs, with another 40% saying “maybe.”

Meanwhile, nearly 2 in 3 (65%) of those DIYers who now only perform basic repairs, claim they would definitely attempt a more complicated repair (such as replacing drum brakes, shock absorbers, or a water pump), if they had access to free how-to guides and videos.

DIY Easy Access to Reports

“Exactly two years ago the financial markets collapsed and the recession took a brutal downturn. Our 2010 DIY Report indicates that, since then, nearly 40% more car owners are now doing their own repairs, as this ongoing challenging economy - and the greatly increased vehicle ownership cycle - drives car owners into their own garages to DIY,” said AutoMD President Shane Evangelist. “We believe that there are many repair jobs that car owners should do, and can easily do, themselves to save money and keep their vehicle running for longer. With unprecedented access to detailed information now available online (and on their iPhones), even those not accustomed to doing their own repairs indicate they’re willing to give it a try - and it’s all adding to a growing and empowered DIY population.”

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